About dfi

Design Factory India is a multi-disciplinary platform that executes a vast range of works both in terms of scale and nature. These extend from designing a city to designing a chair and from designing strategies to sculpting graphics. DFI continues to successfully cater to a plethora of fields as design research, system design, product design, visual communication, urban design and architecture. It aims at developing & cultivating a passion-based, design-centric culture by uniting people from different backgrounds and creating teams comprising of students, mentors and managers. The vision embraces the idea that when people from different backgrounds and design aptitudes come together to address a problem, the chance 'intersection of their lines of lateral thinking' is bound to provide solutions that are qualitatively superior, fresh and novel.

Design Process

Our design process is to think lateral even while going along a defined path. It is like a meandering wavelength which allows you to think out of the box until a level is reached and then helps converge thoughts into a design with specific assumptions and constraints. The path is iterative and can end when needed.

The process that we followed can be divided in six phases, namely
each of these phases is in itself a comprehensive design process which 'diverges' allowing the designer to 'walk in the dark' and then 'converges' into a tangible outcome.

Inspired from Aalto University Design Factory and launched at the Finnish embassy on the 27th of June 2012 as part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 event.

It is a part of the ecosystem of studio archohm and the design village.

Design philisoply

Though created from an amalgamation of two seemingly conflicting terms, the name design-factory can be justified as an acknowledgement of a protocol, a sequential set of activities that are mandatory in the creation of meaningful design. Any core design process is seen as a meandering wave that connects research, analysis, ideation, refinement and realization, and that constitutes our design philosophy.

Hence dfi believes in getting to the root of issues, analyzing problems from all possible angles and applying 'thinking out-of-the-box' approaches that are refreshingly creative yet rational. More importantly, dfi seeks to create meaningful design experiences for the end-users which may be registered consciously through actual usage or sub-consciously through emotional responses. The humble intent, eventually, is to shape a better world through our thoughtful design!