Naveen Market


Situated on the busiest road of Kanpur, Naveen Market is one of the oldest markets of the city. Being on Mall road it enjoys a heavy footfall because of its mix of some more than five hundred shops and a few residences and offices. As lively and bustling as the market is, it faces huge problems of parking, choked drains, encroachments and unregulated construction. Furthermore, it lacks in basic amenities and is affected by poor service planning.

The architecture team at DFI took on each of these challenges and created not only solutions but a vision for the entire area. The vicinity was completely pedestrianized to create open public spaces and interaction zones as opposed to a chaotic neighborhood. Electrical and telecommunication services were upgraded and their wiring strategically concealed to provide the first wi-fi enabled market of the city!

A visual harmony was ensured by uplifting the overall fa├žade and bringing a common architectural vocabulary through various elements such as sign boards and improved wayfinding and signages. To create more parking space, a multi-level car parking was planned across the road as a seven-storeybuilding, a fourth of which was a dedicated commercial wing. The market area was also branded to generate a fresh and fun perspective for the people of Kanpur City!