JPN Museum

experience and space design

We believe a museum is not just a place that preserves frozen moments of the past but enters reality and actively participates in learning in present times. This state-of-the-art museum located in lucknow is primarily divided into two zones: the zone of absorption and the zone of reflection. the depiction of jayaprakash narayan in the museum is achieved through a chronological and linear journey in a narrative form.

Information about the relevance and importance of the subject is absorbed by the visitor and an interest is generated. Once a connection is established with the person's life story information is retained better.

The zone of reflection is a space to contemplate and reflect upon the values and aspirations that Jayaprakash Narayan stood for and thereby understand the importance of not just the person and his ideals but of imbibing them and practising them in one's life.

Thus, the museum becomes a space where we inform the visitors about the life and ideology of the legendary Jayaprakash Narayan while motivating them to introspect on their own's!