Janeshwar Mishra Park


A design field that in India is typically relegated to vendors is signage!
Whether at the city level or at the level of buildings, it is an important medium of communication to the public to ease navigation, create references and add aesthetic appeal to the visual collage of the respective space.Fora building, it also defines the 'style -quotient' and adds vastly to its brand image. Signage is an important component of design that exercises control over user perception and behavior.
For the signage of JM Park, the core idea is based on a planter–covering the whole visual analogy of a rigid opaque signage besides a perforated green planter. The visual language is inspired by a 'square', which by virtue of its four non-directional and equal sides is the most egalitarian shape. It is therefore best qualified to represent equality as the most profound ideology of socialism and of Janeshwar Mishra.