CNS Hospital

Patna, Bihar

The 'branding and identity' project of the CNS Hospital, Patna, showcases the capabilities of dfi's multi-disciplinary team. Following an intense period of preliminary research, 'problem areas' with respect to way-finding in a hospital were outlined by studying a few hospitals across Delhi. The analysis led to an articulate design brief for the Centre of Neurosurgery.

The logos, signagea and significant collaterals wear the brand-identity which was derived out of a basic concept of nerves. The Logo was a juxtaposition of a cross and a simplified image of the brain to symbolise a hospital specialising in neurosurgery.

The locations and placements of signage were extracted from the process maps of the design research and the signage were sensitively designed to bear information essential for an anxious patient.

At the entrance were marked names of the available doctors along with fun-facts on 'the Hippocratic Oath'; meant to reiterate the tag-line of the hospital which is, 'for you, for life'.