Audi seat

product design

One of the most exciting projects of dfi, the Audi chair derives the name from its appearance and usage. Indeed the seat looks sleek and smart.

Going beyond catering to a design brief for a 'forward-looking', minimalistic solution replacing the conventional bulky auditorium seat, dfi also addressed issues such as installation, optimal space usage and most importantly, user-comfort and ergonomics. Keeping in mind the user-psychology, a wallet and mobile holder was also provided at the edge of a seat.

Each seat folded is a single inclined monolith when not in use, so that circulation between seats and cleaning was easily facilitated. As an extended exercise, several prototypes based on the same model but involving experimentation with and exploration of more innovative ideas are being worked upon.

We design our world,
while our world acts back on us
and designs us.
- Anne-Marie Willis