Agra city branding

branding & identity

in a country like india, submerged in centuries of historical and cultural layering, it becomes a challeng to brand itscities, particularly heritage cities, like agra. branding a city is all about understanding what a city is, of finding that one unifying idea that best articulates what it stands for and provides an instantaneous congnitive association. it's not just about a logo or slogan; it is a voice of the people, culture, personality and vision


the letter'a' has been used as a visual identity for the city along with its most iconic symbol - the tah mahal unified into a simple, effective and unmistakable symbol that captures the essence of agra.'

it all stars with an a
the first letter of the english alphabet
the sign of a winner,
the best student n a class
the letter formed by two edge poles,
supporting a bridge.
the first and the last letter of the word agra,
thus the beginning and
the end of the epic story of agra.


Design is the conscious effort
to impose a meaningful order."
- Victor Papanek