The sculpture attempts to celebrate the exemplary life, the journey and the phenomenon that is - Shri. Amitabh Bachchan. The piece is a humble reflection of a career that spans over five decades, across generations with various depictions and characters, portrayed here by the props used in his films.

The journey is symbolized by the seemingly disarray arrangement of the rope from Deewar, the mouth organ from Sholay, the spectacles from ChupkeChupke, the monocle from Amar Akbar Anthony, the Tulsi mala from Trishul, the revolver from Don, handcuffs from Kaalia, the 786 arm-badge from Coolie, the chain sleeve from Shahenshah, the humble aluminum mug from Hum, the eye mask from Ajooba, the choker and bangles from Paheli, Rudraksha mala from Sarkar, the water jet pipe from Shamitabh and the Chess pieces from Wazir.

The beam of light, literally and metaphorically represents Mr. Bachchan, through the meaning of his name - Amitabh - signifying the everlasting light - that passes through the pandemonium of objects to give a surprising shadow.

This is a reflection of the silhouettes of the two phases and faces of the star, evolving from 'Bachchan' to the 'Big B', reminiscing the double innings of his prolific career.